Claire Moore-Cantwell
clairemoorecantwell at gmail dot com
CV: (pdf)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Phonological Processing Lab, Simon Fraser University

(Department of Linguistics)

Research interests:

I study how exceptionful or probabilistic generalizations over linguistic objects are learned, and how they are represented in the adult linguistic system. I am especially interested in phonological patterns that exhibit variation across rather than within lexical items (for example, English stress). In patterns like these, competent speakers must learn both the general pattern, and the behavior of individual words.

I am also interested in prosodic structure, both at the level of the word, and of the sentence. I am particularly interested in the process of planning and implementing prosodic structure during sentence production.



(ordered by date of most recent output)

2018. with Lisa Sanders. Effects of probabilistic phonology on the perception of words and nonwords ( Project page )
2017. with Brian W. Smith Emergent idiosyncracy in English comparatives. ( Project page )
2017. Concurrent learning of the lexicon and phonology. ( Project page )
2016. with Joe Pater. Gradient Exceptionality in Maximum Entropy Grammar with Lexically Specific Constraints. ( Project page )
2016. Contexts for epenthesis in Harmonic Serialism. ( Project page )
2016. The representation of probabilistic phonological patterns: Neurological, behavioral, and computational evidence from the English stress system. Doctoral dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst. ( full text )
2016. with Lisa Sanders, Joe Pater, Robert Staubs and Benjamin Zobel. Event-related potential evidence of abstract phonological learning in the laboratory. ( Project page )
2015. The phonological grammar is probabilistic: New evidence pitting abstract representation against analogy. ( Project page )
2014. with Robert Staubs. Modeling morphological subgeneralizations. ( Project page )
2013. Syntactic probability influences duration: Production of prosodic boundaries in clefted structures ( Project page )
2011. with Bruce Hayes Gerard Manley Hopkins's sprung rhythm: corpus study and stochastic grammar. ( Project page )
2011. Over- and Under-generalization in derivational morphology. ( Project page )


and I organized a special session on learning lexical specificity in phonology at the 2017 LSA annual meeting, in Austin, TX. You can find slides from the talks here.

Question asking at conferences:

I maintain a spreadsheet keeping track of who asks questions at various conferences. The focus of this project is to better understand the disparity between questions from men and questions from women at linguistics conferences. (See my reports from AMP 2016 and AMP 2017 for more).

Anyone is encouraged to contribute data to the spreadsheet, or analyze and discuss data presented there.

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